Dueling Dragons 2015

Building Community Resiliency through Playing with Science

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Getting Ready for Qualifiers

Costume fitting, engineering notebook with Lego Digital Designer, team poster coloring projects and finishing our poster board.  Two more days to go!

IMG_0242[1] IMG_0249[1] IMG_0246[1] IMG_0243[1]



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About our Team

Hello – We are the 4-H PT STEM Club Team #7800: Dueling Dragons

A 2014-2015 FLL Robotics Team

Team photo 2015

Back row left to right: Everest 10, Nathaniel 11, Tru 11, Ella 14, Gabriella “Coach”

Front row left to right: Even 9, TJ 8, Timber 9, Kaylee 8, Andree 8


Why are we the Dueling Dragons?

Our Team is named the Dueling Dragons because of an old Quileute Indian legend.

According to the Quileute’s there once lived two dragons. One dragon lived in Sol Duc Valley, and the other dragon lived in nearby Elwha Valley. One day the two dragons met and proceeded to fight over land which is now Olympic National Park. S they fought, they made the earth shake, fires rage, wave’s crash and wind roar. The two dragons fought on and on but they were an equal match so neither could win. Finally they crawled back into their caves and wept bitter hot tears. The Tears are now the Sol Duc Hot Springs that visitors still enjoy today.

Our FLL team was born in the year of Nature’s Fury, 2012, and now, our legend too lives on…

To learn more about the 4-H PT STEM Club visit our website: http://ptstem.com/ or Facebook: facebook.com/ptstem

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4-H Values and Gracious Professionalism

  1. Gracious Professionalism
  2. Coopertition – cooperate and compete
  3. Teamwork – even when its tough
  4. Sharing Assignments
  5. Sometimes we just need a time-out
  6. Talking through bad feelings
  7. Try Again and Again – Never give up
  8. Depend on each other
  9. Trusting others
  10. Laughter and Tears together
  11. Encouraging self worth
  12. Following through
  13. Leadership
  14. Playing Tag for fun – good sportsmanship
  15. Gratefulness to community and mentors
  16. Pride from encouragement
  17. Respect – Self Respect – Self worth
  18. Taking turns
  19. Considering others feelins
  20. 4H Values: Head Heart Hands Health
  21. Practice – Practice – Practice
  22. New Friends – Old Friends
  23. Amazing Field Trips
  24. Everyone has something to offer
  25. Never Give Up

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What is FLL

FIRST FLL (FIRST LEGO League) is like a competitive sport. Kid’s age’s 8-14 build autonomous LEGO robots that perform a series of missions. There is also a Research Project, Core Values, and Engineering part to the competition. This year’s theme, “Trash Trek,” is about solving problems in trash.

According to FLL, kids learn to:

  • Create and innovative solutions to challenges facing today’s scientists.
  • Strategize, design, build, program, and test an autonomous robot using

          LEGO MINDSTORMS Technology!

  • Apply real-world math and science concepts
  • Develop career and life skills including critical thinking, time management, collaboration, and communication while becoming more self-confident
  • Become involved in their local and global community
  • Choose to participate in official tournaments and local events
  • Qualify for an invitation to World Festival
  • Engage in team activities guided by FLL Core Values

Why are we the Dueling Dragons?

We chose the Dueling Dragons because Jefferson County

is shaped like a dragon.

That’s why we are the

 Dueling Dragons!!